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Cary Pillo



About Cary Pillo


Growing up in a rural town on the outskirts of Seattle, Cary began drawing at an early age. Her favorite subject: horses.   Cary did not dream of being an artist.   She pictured herself as a cowgirl.  She studied Fine Arts and Design at Washington State University and began working in Seattle as an advertising production artist.  Eventually Cary discovered that her storyboard drawing of fish-and-chips looked like it belonged in a children’s book.  It was a natural transition into illustrating for children.


Besides creating spot art for early education publishers, Cary’s lighthearted drawing style has been well suited for illustrating numerous children’s books that deal with serious subject matter such as bullying and sportsmanship. Her drawings express her humor but also keep the right tone needed to illustrate the emotion of the situation.  Cary also enjoys creating spot art and has been illustrating much of her work digitally. She has found that drawing electronically is a wonderful and efficient way to produce beautiful art.


Cary lives in Seattle where her house sits across the street from a public elementary school.  It has been the best resource for seeing children’s interactions, hair and clothing styles and all the small details that enrich her illustrations.    


In her spare time, Cary is also a road cyclist, spin coach and enjoys riding with her husband.  

Book Covers by Cary Pillo

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Styles By This Artist

  • Cartoon

  • Stylized

  • Grades K-7

  • Cross Hatch

  • Digital

  • Mixed Medium

  • Pen & Ink

  • Watercolor

  • Black Line

  • Black Line w/Tone

  • Color

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